March 26, 1998
Elvis named Canadian Male Athlete of The Year:Congradulations, Elvis!!!!!

April 9th, 1998
Elvis' ready to rock agian.

April 13th, 1998
No news on Elvis is good news. He must have been able to pull off his performances without futher injuring himself. I am very happy I was wrong about Elvis being careless. What this means to us die hard fans of Elvis is that we will been seeing Elvis all over on the Champions On Ice tour. If he continues to take it easy on the ice, he should be back to full health by the fall. And that is great news to me.

April 17th, 1998
Elvis Stojko missed the first couple of shows of Champions On Ice due to his groin injury but showed up in Philly. He seemed happy to be back but concerned about his condition. "I can't really do anything yet. I am still in the rehabilitation process and I am not 100% recovered," he said. His new program to the music of Beethoven is a comedy in which he is dressed in a white wig acting as a conductor. He performs with a lot of fast and fancy footwork and amusing choreography, managing to entertain the audience even without his jumps. His choreographer, Uschi Keszler is worried that the audience won't understand his new style. "We have no choice right now with his injury and he wants to be here performing," she said. The audience didn't seem to mind a bit.

As reported by Elizabeth De Sevo

April 17th, 1998
Bad news Elvis fans. An anonymous source talking to me about Elvis said, "He's not on tour any more. He can't jump from his injury, so he's back home relaxing."

April 19th, 1998
My source is confirmed. Elvis Ices Shows

May 1st, 1998
Elvis' idea to rest a perfect 10! Perfect 10's awaiting Stojko No Elvis at the COI in Detroit on Saturday, May 2nd, 1998, but it is better for Elvis to rest. Canadians, we'll get our second chance to see Elvis on his Canon Elvis Tour of Champions in the fall when he is 100% again.

May 25th, 1998
Here is a review on Elvis' book Heart and Soul that I did for Amazon Books. I don't know yet if it will appear on their page as I just gave it to them.

Heart & Soul shows most of Elvis' soul but not all. I think Elvis' first attempt at writing was mostly a success. I loved his pictures of himself. Elvis had a little to much repetition like in his training before Canadians. I gave him a 9 out of ten on Heart & Soul because Elvis only gave part of his heart & soul in his book about skating. Otherwise, his first book, of which I hope he will have many, was well written. Maybe next time he could do a novel style book instead. Most of us already have lots of video and pictures of Elvis, although a few more won't hurt. I bought Heart & Soul to find out where Elvis' head was spiritually and it didn't help me to understand, but it was a fun read. I would say, that all of Elvis' fans would have a great time reading his book, so I hope Elvis writes another book soon.

You can find Elvis Stojko:Heart and Soul at In Association with Amazon.com

June 2nd, 1998
The tip I gave, that was given to all who were at the New Fans of the Man Elvis Stojko Chat by Shopper, to Steve was right. Thanks Shopper. Here is the article on Elvis helping Keyla Ohs. Elvis jumps to Ohs Aid

June 8th, 1998
I called Greg Myles at the Mariposa club and asked the questions all you fans have been wanting to know. Will Elvis be skating in the Dreams on Ice in Windsor, Ontario in September? The answer is probably yes still, but not for sure. Will Elvis be doing his Canon Elvis Tour of Champions this year which he usually does from September to October. Yes, Elvis will. Elvis has been talking about it at the Mariposa Club. No details about it yet. Will Elvis skate at the Mariposa Gala in August. Yes, Elvis will. It sounds pretty good to me.

June 11th, 1998
Stojko still in pain unfortunitly and he's changed the usually time line for his Canon Elvis Tour of Champions to make it start in November instead of September. Elvis did say in the Globe and Mail article that just because he is registered for Skate America and Skate Canada doesn't mean that he will stay eligle. Elvis still doesn't know himself what he will do.

June 22nd, 1998
A Quad For Stojko In The Short? Will Elvis do a quad in his Lion short program, if he stays eligible in the '98/'99 season? Does Elvis' taxing short program, the Lion, have room for the quad? Is Elvis ready to have the quad in his short program and his long? I don't know. But if Elvis feels like it and his groin injury is completely healed, he is the one who can successfully pull off doing the quad in the short and in the long.

June 26th, 1998
I wish this was not true and I hope that it is not true. But Elvis Stojko could miss a year of skating according to David Dore.

If you want to find out more on Elvis Stojko's groin injury or other sports injures and exercises visit Thrive Magazine

June 29th, 1998
Looks like David Dore could be wrong. I wonder when the last time it was that Mr. Dore actually talked with Elvis because Stojko's manager denies skater could miss a year. Doesn't that sound better?

June 30th, 1998
Thank you God, David Dore was wrong. Pros will have to wait to see Stojko skate Elvis is doing almost all the jumps and now he just has to take his time and not rush it. Elvis is still not totally healed but our prayers are starting to be answered. This has made my day. How about you fans out there?
Elvis Relishing Time Off says Berverly Smith of the Globe and Mail. With all the vacations and neat things Elvis' has done lately, I'd feel great too.

July 3rd, 1998
How can this be? No Elvis? What gives? Why Morira North? Who's That? I don't get it. Elvis has done so much and they don't even mention him?

July 29th, 1998
Elvis fine:Manager says.

Aug. 12th, 1998
Brenda Gorman, CFSA public affairs director, added that three-time men's singles champion Elvis Stojko hasn't signed the athlete's agreement either, although the Stojko camp has planned a media conference for Sept. 8, likely to announce his return to competitive skating. CFSA officials have held a spot open for Stojko to compete at Skate Canada (Nov. 5-8) in Kamloops, B.C. and Skate America (Oct. 29-Nov. 1) in Detroit.

As written by Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun from the article Dance pair does paper shuffle

Aug. 14th, 1998
This was in the front section of the Toronto Star this morning.
It comes from the Canadian Press

Elvis Stojko may not have won the gold at the Olympics, but yesterday he was named the sole recipient of the Governor-General's Meritorious Service Cross for outstanding service to Canada.

At a ceremony later this year, the three-time world figure skating champion will receive the silver Greek cross for a "deed or actvity performed in an outstandlingly professional manner or of an uncommonly high standard that brings considerable benefit or great honour to Canada."

The energetic skater is cited for his "high level of professionalism" at the 1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games despite a painful groin injury.

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