The Number of Elvis Stojko Fans who took the Elvis Fan Survey were .

The July survey is ready to use. Have fun!

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July & August 1998 Elvis Stojko Fan Survey

Pro and Amateur senior skaters please leave out your email address, city and Province/State.
Your survey results will displayed apart from the fans.
Province or State:

What is your favorite techno tune?

What techno song would be fun to have Elvis act out as if he were the person being sung about?

What kind of clothes and/or costume would make Elvis look like a Techno Punk Rocker?

Of the techno tunes listed that Elvis has skated to, which one is your favourite?
Love Is On The Way
Black Hole Sun
Down Incognito
Never Tear Us Apart
Y'All Ready For This

Do you think Elvis should stay an amatuer skater?
Yes, Elvis should stay amateur.
No, Elvis should go pro because

The toe loop and the salchow quad jumps have already been done.
Which quad should Elvis try to do next?
quad flip
quad loop
quad lutz
quad axel

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