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May 1998's Elvis Stojko Fan Survey Results

Province or State:
Ontario 50%
Wisconson 6.25%
Neveda 6.25%
Quebec 6.25%
Pennsylvania 6.25%
British Columbia 6.25%
New York 6.25%
Didn't Say 12.5%

What is your favorite Elvis competitive short program?
Lion 87.5%
Frogs in Space 6.25%
Speedway 6.25%

What is your favorite competitive free program that Elvis does?
1494/Conquest of Paradise 31.25%
Dragon 31.25%
Dragonheart 37.5%

What is your favorite exhibition number that Elvis does?
Elvis doing Elvis 43.75%
Candle in the Wind 6.25%
Whole Lotta Skaken 12.5%
Love is on the Way 12.5%
Black Hole Sun 12.5%
Girl You Really Got Me 6.25%
Anything that is Rock 6.25%

What is your favorite costume that Elvis wears during his programs?
1995 Christopher Columbus 31.25%
Jeans & T-shirt 12.5%
Dragonheart 21.875%
Frogs in Space 6.25%
Speedway 3.125%
All 6.25%
Ghost in the Darkness 6.25%
Tight shirt, black pants 6.25%
Didn't Say 6.25%

What is your favorite outfit that Elvis wears anywhere anytime?
3 piece suit with tie 15.625%
Jeans & T-shirt 37.5%
Caruso 6.25%
Roots Olympic Stuff 12.5%
Free Spirit T-shirt & ear your wings pants 6.25%
Sports Stuff 6.25%
anything 12.5%
Black outfit on Elvis Tour (Riverdance opening piece) 3.125%
Elvis' leather jacket with his name on it & jeans 6.25%

What is your favorite technical figure skating move that Elvis does?
Quad toe loop/triple toe loop 50%
Quad toe loop 18.75%
All 6.25%
Holds landing into cool kung fu pose 6.25%
Footwork 6.25%
Didn't Say 6.25%

What is your favorite type of footwork that Elvis does?
Footwork in Lion 37.5%
Anything/everything 12.5%
Stright line footwork 6.25%
Fast footwork 25%
Fast changes of edges & direction 6.25%
Didn't Say 12.5%