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Elvis Stojko at press conference.
Elvis interview with Rob Faulds

by Dee
Just thought you might enjoy this brief interview that Rob Faulds had with Elvis.

Rob: Elvis, it appears that the rest of the world, at least the 4 Continents that are here, have come in ready to do some business.

Elvis: (extremely cute smile) I like that...it's been really good. I've been watching some of the practices...watching the guys who are doing great. You know, what's nice, is being a part of this because it's nice to see men's skating taking another level.

Rob: You started off so very well with the combination...uh...a little trouble on the quad two-footing.

Elvis: That's fine. I mean it's a situation where it wasn't going as planned all week and I mean I landed it the last two days and it just clicked in and just to put it in in the present situation and I think it's just more miles. It's just miles in the program and getting the trust back in my body.

Rob: You've always said that you want to take skating to another level. Here, in this competition, the quad, which has almost become a signature piece of yours, is now in the short program nailed by a Chinese skater.

Elvis: Yeah. And you know there's a lot of guys, I know the Chinese skaters have been doing them the last couple of years and doing them under pressure is the key. And now that we've got it, it's done. Now it has to be done. Once it's done in the program once, then you know you've got to put it in. You know, all year I've been playing catch up and trying to ...you know... I've started way behind the rest of the field and now I feel like I'm almost there catching up with the rest of the pack and going at my own pace. I can't push myself beyond what I'm capable at this point and I feel good about what I did and we'll move on for tomorrow.

Rob: How do you feel now compared to how you felt during Canadians?

Elvis: Oh...oh geez...probably about 25 - 30% better...at LEAST. Practice wise, confidence wise...my body feels good, the leg feels good, and once we get this competition over with and have a good rest, then set up for the big one in a few weeks.

Rob: Good luck in the future.

Elvis: Thank you.

My thoughts...I thought that Elvis had a really good performance. He looked really focused and he had a fantastic opening with the triple axle combination. The quad was two-footed but a great attempt. I LOVE the music - it suits him so well! I just have to add my thoughts on the costume as well: hummena,hummena,hummena! LOL!

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