Elvis Stojko in the 1997/98 season.

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Here is a review I came upon when sifting through figure skating web sites on the internet. The review is from Ice Skating International: Online at http://www1.crl.com/~iceskate/

"Elvis Stojko took the Men's Short Program with a strong, but not perfect program, skating to a selection of Japanese Kodo drums called "Lion".
He landed triple Axel - triple toe with a small hop on the landing and his triple flip was a little stingy on the height. His double Axel was excellent, and the spins outstanding. The program was full of fast footwork that well expressed the music, and unlike so many of his past competition programs, he skated with speed and energy throughout. For the second time for this program this season, his second marks were generally higher than the first mark, a breakthrough for a skater who has long been looked at as more of a technician than an artist."

"Ilia Kulik went into the long program with a self assured, "If I stand up, I win" attitude. Well, he stood up, but he didn't - this long program belonged to Elvis Stojko. Stojko made only two small errors, a very small reach for the ice on triple loop and a small stepout of a solo triple Axel on which he almost sat down. He landed four other triples cleanly and also a quad toe - double toe combination. The program includes some of the signature Stojko shuffling his feet in place instead of skating, and the occasional meaningless grasping at air, but it also includes more fast skating than last year and far more attention holding choreography. If he skates this program cleanly at Nagano the other men, especially Todd Eldredge should be afraid - very afraid."


All those girls and women are following Elvis not only because of his skating, but because of the role he plays during his skating and in life.

February 10th, 1998.
Now, Elvis Stojko has caught the same flu bug as Marie-Claude Savard-Gagnon and needs our prayers for him to get well before the mens short program. Let's not only pray that Marie-Claude, Luc and Elvis recover from the flu, but let's also pray that no one else gets the flu in Nagano.

February 14th, 1998
Yes, I was right. Elvis' Mom said that Elvis does have the flu and now we find out that he had an injury going into the games. I feel badly for Elvis. Here's a get well message I sent Elvis in Nagano.

"Wow! You did an excellent job, Elvis. You have the flu and a groin injury and you still got a medal. A silver to boot. I hope you get well soon. I'd hate to see you in pain for as long as Urmanov has been. I and Canada still love you. I don't think any of the other guys would have been able to pull off what you did. Like Doug said, you deserve a gold medal for bravery. Well, now you have to rest whether you like it or not. God Bless Take care of yourself. You are not indestructable,you know. You're only a mere man.
Mrs. Brigitte Laskowski"

Feb. 24th, 1998
Elvis won a silver medal in Nagano but won Gold in all our hearts.
Feb. 27, 1998
Kulik won the Gold in Nagano, but he was competing against the flu and a groin injury. But could Kulik have won the gold if he had a groin injury, flu and fever? I think not.

Elvis was not beaten by Kulik. Elvis was beaten out by his groin injury, flu and fever. God gave Elvis a miracle. God kept Elvis up on his skates, just as Elvis asked God to do. Elvis may have only won the Silver medal but he won much more. He won what the Olympics are all about and he won Gold in all of Canada's hearts.

March 5th, 1998
What do you think of Elvis' skating in Nagano with his groin and nerve injury, flu and fever? Maybe skating should come up with a medal called the Purple Skate, sort of like the Purple Heart. Then Elvis would have won two medals, the Silver and the Purple Skate. I think Elvis was courages and truely trusting God to keep him up on his skates.

Don't Count Elvis Out Even Though He's Hurt

March 6th, 1998
Elvis Questionable For Worlds: I hope he heals quickly and properly.

March 12th, 1998
Elvis to decide about Worlds on March 20th.We had better pray up a storm for Elvis. He needs a miracle.

March 16th, 1998
Elvis is going to try triples today. I hope he holds off on the triple loops and the axels until Thurday, so that he doesn't hurt himself. The more time before he tries them, the more likely he will pass his health and fitness test on Friday, March 20th, 1998.

March 16th, 1998
Stojko doubtful for worlds, Sandhu prepares quad

March 17th, 1998
The source who told me about Elvis trying triples was wrong. I do hope that Elvis can do the triples by Thursday though.

March 20th, 1998
From the Mariposa Winter Club in Barrie, Ontario, Elvis Stojko announced that he will not compete in Minneapolis at the World Figure Skating Championships which start on March 29, 1998. Elvis said that his groin injury has not healed enough yet and that the injury still hurts to much to compete. He tried a single axel yesterday and there was too much pain to go on.

Elvis has won three Mens World Figure Skating Championships and two Olympic silver medals. He won his latest Olympic silver with a severe groin injury, an abductor injury, a pinched nerve, the flu and a fever but his character and courage won Canada's heart.

Elvis thinks he will be back skating in six weeks, but I won't be surprised if it takes longer. I'd say it could take him until this summer or the fall before he's on his skates again. Elvis needs the time off of his skates to heal completely.

The next six weeks will give him time to think where he is heading, the pro ranks or stay in the amateur field. Elvis, "Sometimes you don't always get what you want. You get what you need." I'd say he really needs a vacation badly, somewhere where he can lay around and relax.

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March 21, 1998
Stojko kayoed by groin injury

March 22, 1998
From CNNSI about Stojko with picture